Tubs, countertops, or sinks have become old fashioned, damaged, or worn out?

Resurfacing is the answer, saving you money, time and headaches! For so long the primary option for damaged, chipped, cracked, stained, or old-fashioned tubs, sinks, tiles, and countertops has been to rip out the old (running the risk of damaging tiles, plumbing, etc.) and to undergo the inconvenience and expense of replacing with new.


At the crossroads? Choose New Life!




Enter New Life - the look and feel of new at a fraction of the price!

At Charlotte New Life Resurfacing, we can simply repair and color match, or completely resurface in a new color and finish. Depending on the size and complexity, jobs can be completed in one day or less.

With a huge array of color and finish options, you no longer need to desire change; now, you can BE the change, and become the envy of the neighborhood!

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We do it All!

Services and products we provide include:

  • Kitchen countertop spot repair without resurface (color and pattern match)
  • Full kitchen countertop resurface, updating color and texture to contemporary style
  • Resurfacing of all types of kitchen cabinets and vanities
  • Full kitchen tune-up, replacing faulty hinges, drawer slides, knobs, and handles
  • Bathtub repair and resurfacing (fiberglass, porcelain, and antique claw foot tubs)
  • Sink repair and resurfacing (fiberglass, porcelain, and cultured marble sinks)
  • Ceramic tile repair and resurfacing
  • Resurfacing of shower floor and walls
  • Cultured marble and acrylic surfaces repair and resurfacing
  • Wood repair and recoloring
  • Non-slip surfaces
  • Metal and plastic surfaces
  • Appliance repair and resurface
  • Porcelain, Corian, granite, and marble surfaces repair and refurbishing
  • Every solid color plus our Unique Stone Granite finishes in a wide variety of colors

NOW - also offering Cabinetry "Re-tuning"

Over time and after much use (and even possible abuse), kitchen and bathroom doors can misalign, drawer runners can stick, hinges can loosen, and door bumps can fall off. Sadly, in time, your "new" kitchen can become a source of discontentment. Don't rip out and replace; instead, as long as the cabinet structures are good, we can:

  • Re-align the doors and replace the hinges if necessary
  • Replace door knobs and pulls
  • Re-align or replace drawer slides if necessary
  • Sand, fill, and re-finish areas where doors and panels are scratched or damaged
  • Replace missing door bumps


"Our kitchen and bathroom look fantastic! … I want to thank you for coming in and doing such a beautiful job. You made these rooms look brand new. You are truly an artist and your work is most appreciated!"

"….I knew that Kevin would do a great job, however I did not expect old damaged tub to be like new. Bathroom looks beautiful, what a great job. I love the finish, not too shiny, looks like a new tub. So much better than the job other company that did our house in [redacted], no comparison. Amazing Job!!!  Thanks you so much" 

"Kevin was...fantastic! He was totally professional and was flexible, caring, and thorough in his work. This saved me a lot of money in lieu of granite and other solid surface options I explored. The paint job was well done too!"


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